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We provide total Business Solutions

Noor Consulting was founded with a single mission: to positively impact the world using creative and ground-breaking methods to personally and professionally grow individuals.We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

What Do We Stand For

  • IT services
  • Business Development
  • Investor Finding Team Building
  • Communication
  • Team Leadership
About Us
About Us

We provide customized research for companies to help them with business set ups, We help with researches to reach desire company’s goals. We also have Information Technology Consulting services performed by qualified consultants who also help in budget planning, marketing strategies to set up businesses and improve efficiency .

  1. We provide solution to companies with human shortages by providing data entry services through softwares.
  2. We customize applications for new business with our IT software developers.
  3. We build websites as per customers needs.

Under the name Noor Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Noor Consulting operates. It's difficult to launch, scale, and expand a firm. We can assist you in organising your budget and development priorities, validating your ideas and strategies, and even assessing the team make-up and technology stack you have in place to support the growth of your company. We will help you manage your business more effectively and support our clients through even the most difficult changes, hazards, and legal conflicts. We will work tirelessly to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are completely satisfied. The main purpose of our work processes and client communications techniques is to constantly meet the goals of our clients

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